about initiative

The Greenscapes - Silver Screen Connect - Reimagining the Paradise.

Focused on developing villages having distinction in terms of scenic beauty, adventurous terrain, art & cultural, history & archaeology or spiritual peculiarity as tourism villages.

Twin Benefit Strategy to promote rural tourism optimally and youth job creation.

Direct employment to 1000 youth and Indirect employment to 5000 youth


Develop natural rural landscapes into world class destinations.

To integrate social, cultural and spiritual characteristics with economic contours.

Promote concept of ECO TOURISM - Best in class facilities with primacy to environmental aspects.

Converge of facilities, efforts and expertise of all stakeholder institutions to provide best possible facilities to tourists.

Scheme Operations



100 Villages under the scheme to be identified by Mission Youth in consultation with tourism department.

Development - A Model Driven By Youth Energy And Innovation

Financial assistance to be given to a group of 10 Youth registered with Mission Youth to lead this initiative.

Preference will be given to youth registered as Self-Help Groups/ Registered Society/ Registered Trust.

Tourism activities in these hubs will be run by youth through their self made joint business enterprise to be setup under the scheme.

Gamut Of Incentives - Upfront And Repayment

Financial assistance to the tune of   10.00 lakh including Mudra loan of   8.50 lakh from lending bank;

Mission Youth, J&K shall provide an amount of   1.5 lakh or 15% of project cost (Whichever is minimum) as special upfront incentive (subsidy).

Special subsidy of 3.5 lakh towards repayment of loan under the scheme.

Simple Hassle Free Procedures For Swift Transformation

Mission Youth shall notify list of identified circuits to be covered under the programme.

The Youth Groups shall be facilitated by JKEDI to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) for transforming circuit into Tourist Village;

Tourism department shall provide hand holding support, guidance and advice to chisel professional skills of these youth groups;

Training modules on hospitality and tourism sector to be given to youth.

Robust Official Framework

A dedicated Tourist Village Task Force to be constituted to facilitate formulation and implementation of action plan. Perspective plan, convergence of schemes and sectoral coordination.

The Greenscapes - Silver Screen Connect

To bring these circuits to the limelight, special incentive of 10 lakh will be given in addition to the financial assistance under the scheme for movie shootings in the tourist villages developed under this scheme.